$89.95 Tray


4 Large Pie w. 1 Traditional Topping, 1/2 Tray of Wings, Two 2-Liter Soda.
*No Substitution, Can't Be Combined With Other Promotion

4 Large Pies Required, choose 4 to 4
Pie w. Extra Cheese
Pie w. Pepperoni
Pie w. Sausage
Pie w. Meatball
Pie w. Ham
Pie w. Eggplant
Pie w. Spinach
Pie w. Broccoli
Pie w. Peppers
Pie w. Onions
Pie w. Tomatoes
Pie w. Mushrooms
Pie w. Black Olives
1/2 Wings Required, up to 1
Hot Wings
Mild Wings
BBQ Wings
Two 2-Litter Soda Required, choose 2 to 2
Diet Coke
Total : $89.95